Lactation Services

Free Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation
This is a complimentary service to help parents prepare for breastfeeding.  Create your own breastfeeding plan and get answers to your questions before it’s time to breastfeed. 
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Anticipatory Breastfeeding Guidance
Avoid problems before they start!  Let Amanda contact you at critical times in the early weeks of breastfeeding to address any concerns, and talk about what can be expected at each stage.  
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Lactation Services for Bradley Method Clients
If you have take a 12-session Bradley Method class from Amanda Dean, you’ll receive a discount on lactation services.  
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New Client Lactation Services
We are happy to offer services to all families in the Longmont area, regardless of taking one of our classes or the type of birth you have.  
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Free Breastfeeding Clinic
Our free clinic is open to all families.  This is a great place to get answer questions, troubleshoot latching difficulties, do weight checks, and more.  
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Appointments are generally scheduled between 9:30AM and 2:00PM, Monday - Friday.  Phone and urgent appointments may be available outside of those hours depending on the situation and availability.  General information and appointment scheduling may be done via text and email, but for specific questions, questions which involve personal health information, or involved questions, please call Amanda at 303.601.5689. | 303.601.5689
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