Free Clinic Days

Clinic days are typically the first Monday of the month from Noon to 2:00PM at 220 Collyer Street in Longmont.  We usually have a topic of the day (see below).  This is also a great time to:

  • Get answers to questions
  • Troubleshoot latching difficulties
  • Do weight checks
  • And more

The next clinic is schedule for February 5th.  

On February 5th, we will be talking about pumping strategies.  We’ll cover:

  • Choosing a pump
  • What is normal when it comes to pumping
  • When to pump & how often
  • How much milk to pump 
  • Tips for maximizing pumping output
  • Handling & storing milk
  • Any questions you have, related to pumping or not | 303.601.5689
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