First 24 Hours of Breastfeeding Class

The first 24 hours of breastfeeding can have a profound impact on your breastfeeding journey.  Learn how to make the first day of breastfeeding as easy and possible!  

If you’re taking a Bradley Method class with Amanda, The First 24 Hours of Breastfeeding is built into the 12-sessions.  You may take this class as a review if you like.

What does the First 24 Hours of Breastfeeding class cover?

  • When you should first latch baby and why the timing matters.
  • The importance of skin to skin contact and how it helps breastfeeding.
  • The benefits of keeping mom and baby together.
  • Establishing your milk supply.  
  • The dangers of using formula or bottles right after birth.
  • Learn the easiest breastfeeding position for a deep, pain free latch.  
  • Baby’s hunger and full cues.  
  • How swaddling can impact breastfeeding.
  • Special circumstances and more!

How much does the First 24 Hours of Breastfeeding class cost? 

Every mother wishing to breastfeed should have access to breastfeeding information to get things off to a great start.  This class is free but registration is required.  

How do I sign up? 

If you need more information or would like to register, please call or text Amanda at 303.601.5689 or send an email to

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