The Importance Of Skin To Skin

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There are more and more studies showing that skin to skin contact immediately after the birth (and in the early months of life) helps babies in many ways.  Some of the benefits of going skin to skin include:

  • Regulates baby's breathing, heart rate, and body temperature.
  • Relaxing and calming to both mother and baby.
  • Increases baby's desire to breastfeed.
  • Help baby build up immunities against infections.
  • Causes the release of the mothering and breastfeeding hormone.
  • Increases bonding.
  • For premature babies, this allows them to maintain their body temperature, fight infections, breastfeed or stimulate digestion which will allow for better weight gain and development, and ultimately be discharged from the hospital sooner.  
  • The longer a mother experiences early skin to skin contact during the first 3 hours following birth, the more likely she will breastfeed exclusively during her maternity hospitalization.   

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It's important the skin to skin time following the birth not be hurried or interrupted whenever possible.  Most newborn checks can be done while the mother is skin to skin with her baby or can delayed for a few hours.  Be sure to talk to your provider before the birth and have your wishes noted on your birth plan.

In Colorado?  Sign up for a Bradley Method Class or Breastfeeding Class!

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