Breastfeeding? Be Prepared For A Power Outage

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Many moms have a freezer full of breast milk but what do you do if the power goes out?  

First, don’t open the freezer!  As long as you keep the door shut, breast milk can stay frozen for 48 hours.  If the power is still out after 2 days, then place the milk in Ziploc bags and put in an insulated cooler with ice.  This should keep it safe for 2 more days.  Another option is to ask a fire station (any building with a backup generator and a freezer) if they can store your milk in their freezer.  

When the power returns, refreeze any partially thawed milk.  If the milk is completely defrosted, but is still cool and doesn’t smell rancid, it’s OK for your baby to drink within one day.  

An amazing fact:  Human milk has active living cells that fight bacterial growth!

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