Birth Story:  Mason

I  started having contractions Saturday around 10:30 p.m. and lost my mucus plug a short while later.  That night I had consistent contractions but they were around 30 minutes apart.  I labored all the following day (Sunday) and sometime in the middle of then night the contractions were around 4 minutes apart and lasting a minute or so.  We decided to go to the hospital at this point because it’s quite a drive from our home.  We walked around the hospital and tried a bunch of different positions to help labor progress.  It took four hours of contractions to finally break the bag of waters.  Right after that, I had a few very strong and intense contractions and then the urge to push.  I wasn’t sure how to push but followed my instincts and used what we’d learn in classes.  The nurse said I looked like an expert!  I didn’t have to push very long before my son was born.  It was rough, but so worth it!  I even walked around afterwards.  I had a medicated birth the first time and didn’t enjoy the experience at all!  This was much better for me and my baby too!

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